Some things happen all at once

allatonceUn bosco abitato da centinaia di alberi in ghiaccio; una riflessione sui temi legati agli attuali e radicali cambiamenti mondiali, sui concetti di sostenibilità e trasformazione, responsabilità sociale e partecipazione, e la cui refrigerazione è alimentata da alcune biciclette azionate dagli spettatori.

some things happen all at once
a project by Mike Brookes and Rosa Casado

Performance/installation project attempting to balance questions of sustainability, and exploring ideas
about Nature’s capacity for transformation, paradigms of human change, and their consequences within
our daily reality.
The action and durational object work is defined by the construction, placing, and decay of a model forest
of 150 individual ice trees; a model village of 60 ice houses and a single ice church; and the use of
bicycles to generate power. The model covers an area 3.5m in diameter, and is placed directly onto the
floor of the venue.
Heat generated by the presence and activity of any spectators hastens the decay of the ice, while attempts
can be made to sustain the model using an improvised cooling system powered by bicycle. Additional
cycles can be used to generate the power needed to animate other aspects of the work.
The work takes different forms within different contexts.

Space: a completely clear room, minimum 150m2; preferably industrial buildings, open halls…
Languages: Spanish, English, Italian and with life consecutive translation into other languages