Paradise 2

paradise2 Dalla collaborazione con l’artista visivo inglese Mike Brookes nasce lo spettacolo Paradise 2. The incessant sound of a fallen tree, un assolo di 30 minuti che riflette sui concetti di turismo e migrazione, ne descrive interazioni e differenze, le invasioni nei reciproci mondi.

paradise 2 –the incessant sound of a falling treeby
Rosa Casado and Mike Brookes; text based upon the script of the film Ilha das Flores
A 40 minute performance reflecting on tourism and migration, in which Rosa describes one of her
vacation trips from Spain to Mali and the journey of Mr. Boyé from Senegal to Spain.
The performance is structured and defined by the placing of a chocolate island, and three main actions:
[1] to define, in a pseudo scientific way, some concepts relating to trade and human displacement, [2] to
draw the solar system in order to contextualise the journeys and locations described, and [3] to eat all the
trees of the island
The visuals resulting from these actions are concentrated on the floor. The actions generate a sound
ambient through the amplification and repetition of the cracking noise made each time Rosa breaks a
chocolate tree.
Space: a completely clear room, minimum 90m2, with dark and uniform floor
Languages: Spanish, English, Italian and with life consecutive translation into other languages