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RECKLESS SLEEPERS | A String section > FESTIVAL 2014


3, 4, 5 July h 21 | Spazio Chiesa
RECKLESS SLEEPERS (Manchester / Gent)
A String Section [35’]

Five chairs, five women, five saws. A String Section is an original performance in which the waste products from the action – the half-broken chairs, sawdust on the floor – are as important as the action itself. The screech of metal on wood creates a sound score that guides and supports the five dancers in their relentless task, constant hovering between self-destruction and self-preservation. Similar, but different one from each other, they all have the same look: proud, farcical and sensual, aimed at the public as a question.

coreographer Leen Dewilde
dramaturg Mole Wetherell
performers Caroline D’Haese, Lisa Kendall, Orla Shine, Rachel Rimmer, Leen Dewilde
produced by Reckless Sleepers

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