23 June – h 19.30 | Sentiero
various artists
Camminare l’Arte*

Camminare l’arte è is an itinerary across the landscape and art works that will involve and surprise the audience, inviting people to reflect on the relationship between man and nature and the possibility of more sustainable and harmonious lifestyles.

The event aims to offer to viewers a new way to cross and see the landscape, altered by visual works, installations and performances designed to highlight and celebrate its beauty. The project is an example of a “perfect balance” between human activities and nature, the audience will be invited to discover the landscape during a collective walk, throughout they could exchange opinions and feelings.
The art works created for Camminare l’Arte have been selected by the international call P.A.C.
At the end of the walk the viewers will vote for the work they hold as more meaningful and more relevant; the winner artist will be awarded with a cash prize.

*Event organized in the frame of the project “Sulle Tracce del Paesaggio” with the support of the INFEA program of the Marche Region

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