San Marcello – Danza al Museo#3

9th of December 2012 | at 5.00 p.m.

San Marcello – Museo del Telefono

Mara Cassiani

L’uomo perfetto

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“L’uomo perfetto” took inspiration by the short film Det perfekte Menneske by the dane Jorgen Leth. This reworking consists in a scene on a tv set while a voice and some pictures describe us the perfect human being.
The perfect man is analysed in his life through an eye on the human comedy and on what is for the mankind, the perfect human being.


author Mara Cassiani

direction Mara Cassiani

with Mara Cassiani, Matteo Ramponi, Francesco Vecchi

camera interpreter Alessandra Giampaoli

Museo del Telefono

Palazzo Marcelli, Via Matteotti 24
60030 San Marcello (AN)

The Museo del Telefono (Museum of the Telephone) is a unique collection of the historical evolution of the telephones, from Antonio Meucci (1808 – 1889) to modern telephones. Palazzo Marcelli is now hosting the collection, made by more then 200 period and modern pieces.

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