16th June h 19 | Polverigi Villa Nappi Park

choreography and performing Claudia Caldarano
musical composition and live playing Simone Graziano
dramaturgic advice Alessandro Brucioni
production mo-wan teatro
coproduction nòva
in collaboration with Associazione 4’33’’ direzione Matteo Gabutti
with creative residencies support of Armunia e Inteatro
and rehearsal space Atelier delle Arti e Goldoni
selected by NID Platform OpenStudios 2021
promoted as part of the project Gap! Change! Now! Projects for the next dance generation – Movimento Danza 2018/2021 in collaboration with Teatro di Napoli – Teatro Nazionale
Music from New York magazine “The New York City Jazz Records”.

Piano Solo Corpo Solo, a show made in residence at Villa Nappi in 2021, is a performance/concert deeply linked to our time. A time of denial of the “outside” and of contact, of violation of the body and of freedom, of isolation and confusion. We took all of this to look within and seek an intimate and profound connection with ourselves and with each other. The sound and movement are emotionality, tactility, vision, they are the expression of inner movements that try to free themselves. In Piano Solo Corpo Solo we touch the intimate research of two solitudes: Piano Solo – the pieces composed and played live by Simone Graziano for grand piano (from the album Embracing the future), and Corpo Solo – the choreographic composition of the extraordinary Claudia Caldarano.

Claudia Caldarano is a choreographer, director, actress and dancer.
She graduated as an actress at Paolo Grassi (2010), and in “Graphic Art Engraving” at Bisonte (2017). She attends the Biennale College Danza (2013 and 2015) and the “Assistant Choreographer” course with Micha and Marina Van Hoecke (2006).