15th June h 20.30 | Polverigi Teatro della Luna

with Bertrand Lesca, Nasi Voutsas
and Giampiero Piantadosi, Valeria Clementi, Maria Grazia Giordani, Maria Teresa Giglioni, Antonietta Giovagnoli, Cristina Messora, Patrizia Falcioni, Carla Carisdeo, Rossana Lovato
choreography Laura Dannequin
video Guillaume Cailleau
technical management  Enrico Aurigemma
production Bert & Nasi Ltd.
distribution Le Bureau des Paroles
coproduction The Lowry – Salford, UK ; Cambridge Junction – UK ; Festival Mythos – Rennes, France (en cours)
supported by Staatstheater Mainz – Mayence, Allemagne ; GIFT Festival – Gateshead, UK ; Marche Teatro – Polverigi, Italie ; Le Tetris – Le Havre, France ; Festival Fragment(s) – Paris et en région,

THE BEGINNING is a new dance piece by Bert and Nasi. Through innovative lighting, projected live camera and text, the work looks towards the infinite past as a way of collectively imagining where we can go next.

Recent recipients of the Forced Entertainment award, Bertrand and Nasi are two European theatre makers based in the UK. They have made five shows together that toured the world in prestigious venues and festivals such as the Adelaide International Festival (Australia), Mostra Internacional de Teatro (Brazil), Festival de Otono (Spain) and PuSh Festival (Canada).. Their shows are direct and emotional responses to the here and now of the world we’re living in. Their most recent piece THE END received the Total Theatre Award in 2019. Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas are Associate Artists with MAYK and guest fellow artists with PACT Zollverein in Germany. They are produced by Farnham Maltings in the UK.