Friday 21st June 2019
Villa Nappi garden – Polverigi


Outdoor dance floor by Salvo Lombardo reinterprets the contemporary clubbing esthetics, replacing his imaginaries both in the theatrical and unconventional spaces. With this performance the Italian choreographer identifies in the in the club culture a hybrid dimension in which dance and music become a territory of “possibility” for the bodies and the occasion for the affirmation of a “feel” of the body that transcends social and gender conventions. The performers Daria Greco and Salvo Lombardo put on the stage a choreographic action based on a series of imitable short sequences supported by a constant pulsation in relationship with the beat the of techno music.

At the end of the piece the audience will be invited to join the flow of the two performers to experience, through dance, new relational dynamics, echoes and reverberations of the movement. Outdoor dance floor wants to embody an act of pure sharing, sociality and aggregation of bodies.

(performance + dj set)
concept, choreography, directionSALVO LOMBARDO
performance Daria Greco, Salvo Lombardo
Vj set Daniele Spanò
Dj set Bunny Dakota (aka Martina Ruggeri\Industria indipendente) 

production Chiasma, Roma
supported by MiBAC – Ministero Beni e Attività Culturali
in collaboration with Fondazione Romaeuropa

in the frame of CROSSING THE SEA / Boarding Pass Plus programme supported by MIBAC

Salvo Lombardo is an italian perfomer, coreographer and director who bases his work on a constant research of a relation between theatre, dance and visual art. He lives and works in Rome. He is the artistic director of the Chiasma Company whose works were presented in the main Festivals and Theatres in Italy. In 2015-2016 he was resident choreographer at Anghiari Dance Hub where he worked at the project Casual Bystanders based on a choreographic pattern representing an archive of “not-extraordinary” gestures proceeding from kinetic fragments of common people observed in public places. From 2016 till today Salvo Lombardo is supported by the Festival Fabbrica Europa that produces many of his dance pieces. From 2017 he is one of the associated artists of the Festival Oriente Occidente, the principal co-producer of the performance Present Continuous inspired by a memory system of gestures which stem from a night’s work at a music club and also the interactive installation in augmented reality titled Reappearances conceived for the MART Museum of Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto, involving the participation of the local community. In 2017 he is guest choreographer at Aura Dance Theatre of Kaunas (LIT) for which he conceived the performance Twister studying the relationship between gestures memory, play and sociality. In 2018 he worked on the project L’Esemplare Capovolto, aims to generate a series of performative actions, installations, conferences, workshops and the creation of the show Excelsior, co-produced by the Théâtre National de Chaillot of Paris and the Romaeuropa Festival.

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