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Panini 2 life Project: LOSTalgia

“Panini 2 life” is a project Conceived and Directed by Jacqueline Bulnes, Soloist from the Martha Graham Company in New York, and PierGiuseppe Di Tanno, Italian actor.  Our goal is to unite special artists (actors, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists) who we’ve had the pleasure of meeting in Italy, New York and Turkey, among other countries, and join forces surrounding an idea which we all believe in. As artists, we often find ourselves having to be part of projects that don’t always move us.  Projects that don’t allow us to share ourselves, and so we approach them with difficulties. These challenges do not cooperate with our creative being.  In the end, it’s as if our energy has been drained of us rather than being channeled into something powerful, meaningful, intimate, and closely adhering to our own personal truth.

Jacqueline Bulnes, from Miami, Florida, began her early training with Edmundo Ronquillo of the Ballet Nacional de Cuba. She later continued her studies at the New World School of the Arts in Miami, where she received a BFA with honors.  After graduating, Ms. Bulnes danced as a Soloist with Dance Theatre of Harlem and the Martha Graham Dance Company where she performed Leading Roles in Concerto Barocco, Sketches from Chronicle, Diversion of Angels and El Penitente, among others. As a featured dancer in a series of short dance films titled “Scriptures” and Directed by Jennifer Sims, she has also had the honor of showing her work in Films for the Memento Vivere Festival (Italy and Romania 2009), the Festival VideoDanzaBa (Buenos Aires, Argentina 2010), the Stratford Fringe Film Festival (England 2010), the Court-BOUILLON Film Festival (France 2010) and the NYC Short Film Festival (New York City 2010).

PierGiuseppe Di Tanno, after he graduated as actor in 2006 in the National Academy of Dramatic Arts “Silvio D’Amico” in Rome, he worked in theatre, among others, with Lorenzo Salveti, Piero Maccarinelli, J.S.Sinisterra, Sergej Tcherkasskij, Paolo Magelli, Toni Cafiero, Giancarlo Sepe, Marcello Magni, Massimo Di Michele, Juan Diego Puerta Lopez. Since 2007 he works closely with the Croatian National Theatre ‘Ivan pl. Zaic ‘ of Rijeka. He takes also care of the physical preparation of various companies: among others, Theatre de la Balsamine de Bruxelles, IBB Sehir Tiyatrolari Istanbul. As director, “W>>Intern/inside Jon Fosse” and “People look like they are dancing before love” are his creations. Its path is contamination-oriented, an investigation between  the body and the speech, theater and dance.


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