un’ottima lettera: DE PLAGA CORDIS

In April, from 11st to 18th, Inteatro will host in Polverigi the group un’ottima lettera for the first creative residency for the project De plaga cordis, produced by Inteatro/Meridians in the frame of TransAC, project funded with support from the European Commission. De plaga cordis will debut in June 2012, in the frame of InteatroFestival.

After a first meeting in London with the Quay Brothers, un’ottima lettera group has started to study the landscape in which the play takes place in Polverigi. The residency of April will be dedicated to the first experiments with the scenic devise and human figures in the landscape. un’ottima lettera will start to work on the construction of sound devices to create some acoustic phenomenons which will be scattered through the landscape. They will also work on actors’ presence and jests and other visual aspects.

De plaga cordis is a play that wants to explore the relationship between man and the surrounding space, linking the generating capacity of human imagination – source of discovery and invention – and the landscape, looming and immanent source of beauty and harmony but also able to highlight the fragility and transience of human presence.

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