Le Specifike: All-u-min/mean-io project

November from 2nd to 6th Inteatro hosts Alessia Lovreglio and Lara Russo [Le Specifike], for the development of the project All-u-min/mean-io, that they present to the contest GD’A Puglia 2012 (by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese). With them, also Nicoletta Scilimati, video maker and engraver, and Giorgio Distante, musician and composer.

The project All-u-min/mean-io comes from the study FM Silence, created in the frame of the training program IFA Inteatro Festival Academy 2012: during the program Alessia Lovreglio and Lara Russo have met and began their artistic collaboration.

All-u-min/mean-io is a performance focused on the alternance of presence / absence. It is a poetic reconstruction of reality, transience, uncertainty, change of “liquid” relations. The starting point for the choreographic research is some aluminum plates that, materially, express the essence of the work: resonance, transformation, other. Two performers on stage interact in real time with the plates with their bodies, their voices.

A L L_ U_ M I N /mean – io

by and with Le specifike, Lara Russo and Alessia Lovreglio – sound composition Giorgio Distante – installation and video Nicoletta Scilimati

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