Cosetta Graffione e Jean Rondeau in residenza a Polverigi (photo©DanieleTinti)

Cosetta Graffione: about Silence

“Silence is the true music, notes do nothing but frame it”.
Miles Davis

From 1st to 8th October Inteatro hosts Cosetta Graffione, choreographer and performer active between Genoa and Paris, and the Parisian pianist and composer Jean Rondeau, for the first study of the project If Silence is another noise (concept: Cosetta Graffione, Jean Rondeau, Choreography: Cosetta Graffione, Music: Jean Rondeau).

The research period at Villa Nappi will focus on Silence. As the choreographer says: “We would like to explore the relationship between music and dance, and the way in which this relationship sets forth the underground layers forming the human being. We would like the sensory universes of movement and music merging with Silence … a necessary silence that is the only way to put in communication two artists who decide to share a part of themselves.

Silence as a source of intimate memories, that tells what a man and a woman can not say, what words can not explain”.

If Silence is another noise aims to be a show in which everyone can recognize, “during which” explains Cosetta Graffione, “the audience can immerse themselves in the beauty of notes and movement, making their wishes come out unconscious”.

After the sole about water in public fountains, also presented in Pesaro in the frame of HangartFest, the play opens a new phase of work for the choreographer, deepening and developing the interest in the relationship with the audience.

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