Chiara Frigo: SUITE HOPE

With her project Suite Hope, Chiara Frigo will be hosted in the residences of Villa Nappi.
Suite-Hope, a show for two interprets and a paper people, starts from some questions linked with hope and its role in the present. This research begins with an exodus, looking for other places where it’s possible to live. The bigger effort is to see in the movements of the world the chance of recreate, change, improve yourself  otherwise you fall down.
“Suite-Hope is made within landscapes, changes from one space to another and different human conditions. The paper people is the guide of this experience; they’re forced by the contemporary society to changes and transformations. The performers will mix fluidly a ground writing with the dancing of Frigo and Ciappina, adding beautiful musics.” Elena Conti about Tamburo di Kattrin
Chiara Frigo, a choreographer and performer working both in Italy and abroad.
She started out as choreographer in 2006 with “Corpo in DoppiaElica” winning the third place at the 10th Festival Choreographers Miniatures in Belgrado. With Takeya she also won the prize GD’A Veneto Anticorpi XL 2008 and she was selected within the European network Aerowaves.
She took part to various international projects: Choreoroam in 2009, a choreographic research project born from different residences in 6 main European centers. In 2010 she was at the international project between Operaestate Festival Veneto and SNDO-Amsteradm and she was invited with Takeya at the Creative Forum in Alessandria d’Egitto; then she went to join a choreographic research project moving from Italy to Canada, during the first edition of the project Tryptich (Operaestate Festival, Ciruit-Est Centre Chor√©ographique in Montreal, Dance Centre in Vancouver).

Her creation Nonsostare is running for the prize Equilibrio 2010 and it was supported by Amat (Teatro Annibal Caro in Civitanova Marche), Inteatro Polverigi and Duncan 3.0.
In 2011 she was involved in the new idea Suite-Hope; she was also selected among the winners of Residences 2011 de La Caldera – Barcelona, she won REFORM/Danza – Pim off 2011/2012 and supported by CCS – Center of Contemporary Scene – Operaestate Festival.

Suite-Hope was also chosen by the network Anticorpi XL (short version) and the European network Aerowaves 2012.
Nowadays she’s involved in a project in collaboration with the canadian choreographer Emmanuel Jouthe. The play will make its debut in April 2013 at the Theatre Agora in Montr√©al during the Festival Tangente.

Idea by Chiara Frigo
Performers Marta Ciappina, Chiara Frigo
Drama Riccardo de Torrebruna
Sound disegn Mauro Casappa
Light design Moritz Zavan
Musics by Alva Noto, E. Brinkmann, N. Cave, L. Cohen, P. Gabriel
Resident artist La Caldera Barcelona 2011 Winner of Reform/Danza 2011/2012 Pim off – Milano supported by CSC Centro per la Scena Contemporanea – Operaestate Festival Coproduzione Associazione Culturale ZEBRA and Inteatro

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