Mara Cassiani

Mara Cassiani: L’uomo perfetto and TRASHX$$$

Mara Cassiani Company will be back in Polverigi from the 26th of November to the 9th of December, for two weeks of residence. They’ll present the performance TRASHX$$$, already presented at the Inteatro International Festival, and L’uomo perfetto (The perfect man), finalist at the project GAME (a showcase for new talents).

The latter will be staged the 9th of December at the Museo del Telefono (Phone Museum) in San Marcello, during the second edition of Danza Al Museo.

TRA$HX$$$ (Trash for dollars), what mankind is willing to do for money.

A consideration about the sinking of the occidental culture: money is now the main element for the human evolution and development. From monkeys till today, where the today is represented by money and oil. The nowadays body is clumsy, featureless, made to stay seated. The body movements are no longer harmonic, but “woody” and mechanical; they’re following the rhythm of the present life, starting also to move like machines. The show is divided in four parts to state better how life can influence the body; the parts are Le Corbusier, Delle Scimmie, Occupy Hollywood and a surprise finale.

Created by Mara Cassiani – original musics by Enrico Boccioletti/Death in Plains and musics by Faithless, Aphex twin, Agostino Steffani, Die Antwoord – title by the homonymous work by Deaht in Plains – with Mara Cassiani, Matteo Ramponi, Francesco Vecchi – Guest The mighty Zinko – Special guest Chiara Bersani – Collaborators Francesco Vecchi, Matteo Ramponi – assistant Matteo Ascani – Finalist Premio Prospettiva Danza 2012 – supported by Inteatro, Polverigi and Corpo Celeste

L’Uomo Perfetto (The Perfect Man) is inspired by the homonymous short-film Det perfekte Menneske by Jorden Leth. The scenery is a tv set: a voice-over and pictures are used to describe “the perfect man”, analysing its existence and its functions inside the society. Let’s have a look at what actually is “the perfect man” according to the entire mankind.

Author and director Mara Cassiani – actors Mara Cassiani, Matteo Ramponi, Francesco Vecchi – camera actor Alessandra Giampaoli

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