Alessandro Sciarroni: FOLK-S

Second residence in Villa Nappi for Alessandro Sciarroni‘s project FOLK-S in the area of Archeo – System of Archeological Sites of the Adriatic Seas, co-financed by the Program of Cooperazione Transfrontaliera/ Cross- Border Cooperation IPA – Adriatico.
From the 12th to the 20th of February Sciarroni will be working for the stage of his work with Rosemary Butcher, an english choreographer, and with 5 performers: Matteo Ramponi, Marco D’Agostin, Caterina Basso, Francesca Foscarini, Francesco Vecchi.
FOLK-S: an analysis of folkloristic phenomenons of ancient and contemporary dances as ritual of a community. During the production, folkloristic dancers will help giving information about the movements and the costumes.
FOLK-S is a production by Teatro Stabile delle Marche and Corpoceleste_C.C.00#, in collaboration with Centrale Fies, Contemporary Stage Center – City of Bassan del Grappa.
Alessandro Sciarroni is the artistic director of the association Corpoceleste_ C.C.00# and he’s really up and doing in performative arts area. In 2008 he won “Nuove Sensibilità”. His works are usually presented during some of the most interesting dancing and theatrical runs around the Europe.


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