From the 10th to the 15th of November an from the 21st to the 25th of the same month, Fiora Blasi and Alessandra Cristiani will be guests in Villa Nappi.
The main theme of “Qualsiasi cosa mai” are the moments of daily life which overlap in an unreal dimension, seen by different points of view. Moments when a single detail, particular can change the conception of reality leading you somewhere else… The first idea is to take inspiration from three stories of Murakami, of the book L’Elefante Scomparso (The Elephant Vanishes). For the making up of the characters they also drew their inspiration from Sonno (Sleep) and Assalto a una panetteria (A bakery mob). This writer is interesting for his ability to catch and describe the odd world of the situations happening on the edge of normality. The characters of his stories “have different behaviors but they all share the same code, the mess and the fragility of mind. In their own houses, they move as fishes in their tank (…), remaining upset and frightened by enormous matters: love, life and death (…). The writer has such an imagination floating between minimalism and symbolism, and he recreates moments in which everything could happen” (Antonietta Pastore).
“Once upon a time”, it could be a good way to start the 17 stories of “L’Elefante Scomparso” (The Elephant Vanishes): they’re all postmodern tales and parables about people lost and chained in their obsessions, mishaps and privileges. The same characters who live two realities, a daily and a nighty/dreamy one.
The creation involves four artists:
Fiora Blasi, creator, actress
Alessandra Cristiani, butoh dancer, performer
Luca Venitucci, musician-composer, performer
Ilaria Mancia, artistic collaborator


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