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Wednesday 19th June 2019

Villa Nappi, Church – Polverigi


Electronic music design, a male duet and pink shirts.

Communication is always on our minds. Expressing ourselves and getting our point across. But what if you’re not understood? What tools are left at our disposal.

Say it explores themes of rejection, curiosity, desire, confusion, vulnerability and trust.

A journey of trial and error these two individuals build layers of interaction. With movement, samplers and synthesizers try to find the words to say.

The topics of this work take inspirations from situations and problems that affect all of us. Almost everyone happened to be in a new and unknown environment in which it’s difficult to be themselves, or had to learn a new language and struggled to find the right words to finish the sentence. The intent of the duet is not to find a solution to these communication problems, but to experiment with alternative language forms using the fascinating complexity of which we are made, or the simplicity of a look or a hug.

coreography Simone Donati, Stephen Quildan

music composition ATMO

dancers and musicians Simone Donati, Stephen Quildan

sponsor e collaborators IlRestaurato, Resina35, Ateneo Danza

pictures Resina35

video Walter Molfese

P/IN THE BUCKET collective began as a collaboration between Simone Donati and Stephen Quildan. Exploring multidisciplinary methods of making and creating work. Seeking to engage the public in alternative environments with impactful experiences. Blurring the lines between dancer, musician, designer and artist. Sharing this process of exploration to achieve new forms of communication and expressing human feeling and emotion.

Exploring the underground with the mainstream and the possibilities that come with this. Making work which is both accessible and meaningful. Enriching and enjoyable, moving and reflective. Not only holding a mirror to the world of today but proposing futures. Contemporary dance and electronic music form the foundation of P/IN THE BUCKET’s practise..

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