nossbalad online the Palestinian sitcom

It’s online, sit-com entirely made ​​in Jerusalem by Palestinian and Italian professionals, actors and video-makers, linked to the creative space Ma’mal LAB – located in the heart of the old city of Jerusalem – in collaboration with Inteatro.

With humor and smiles, the series aims to tell the point of view of someone who was born and lives in Jerusalem, showing the challenges, problems, but also moments of joy and love.

“What does it mean to be a Jerusalemite? Challenges and problems, love and joy. What if we go beyond all the cultural and political stereotypes and we focus on human beings? What would we see? Daily life, relationships, unexpected…humanity. We are presenting a new point of view on the everyday life of the people in Jerusalem. This city is a place that over history has always been hosting different cultures, religions, languages. The goal of our storytelling is presenting it turning its complexity and contradictions into humour. Representing the absurdity of daily life in Jerusalem using humour makes people smile, but at the same time it delivers a picture of the reality in a new, effective, and interesting way”.

The idea was born from the cooperation project TAM: Theatre and Multimedia Art – started in 2008/2009 and 2010/2011 by the Palestinian National Theatre (PNT), Office of the Italian Cooperation, the Palestinian Ministry of Culture, with support from the Marche Region and the collaboration of Inteatro. Over the years, with TAM project, many young Palestinians gain professionalization in the field of performing arts and multimedia (video, photography, graphics).

At the end of 2011 some of them started to work together on the first episode of the sitcom, which was presented in March 2012 in Jerusalem with a great success. The series is thought for the web: “We decide to produce a series for the web because, as youth, internet is an integral part of our daily life. It offers a great chance of expressing ourselves using a tool we know, enlarging the reachable audience, going beyond walls and overcoming the cultural, political and economical difficulties we are facing in our daily work”.

You can follow the series on, on youtube, facebook e twitter.

You can also support the production of the next 9 episodes of the series with the participation to the fundraising campaign through IndieGoGo platform. Visiting the page and making a donation: you will help in covering the costs of producing next episodes.


The sit-com trailer

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