22, 23 June – h 20.30 | Terreno presenze
De plaga cordis

De plaga cordis is a gust of wind. A ghosts’ parade (apparitions, voices, sounds) that goes through the landscape leaving it empty.
De plaga cordis creates together with Pompa pulveris – the previous show by un’ottima lettera – a diptych: both are plays which take place outside, en pleine aire, and which take the sky as a roof.
In Pompa pulveris the audience finds in the empty street the bed for the river of the glance, in De plaga cordis this river comes to the sea of the landscape. The landscape is the sea of the glance and of the remembrance.
The sound and visual figures of the parade announce the passage and the drift in the silent and desert space, From a nearby to a far-away, from a very nearby to a very far-away.
The parade’s fanfare is a concert of sounds which go through the space gently on the drift’s way. The voices and the sounds will crate this concert of calls, human and animal calls, moans, groans and lullabies.
De plaga cordis is a show that wants to explore the relationship between man and the surrounding space, linking the generating capacity of human imagination – source of discovery and invention –and the landscape, looming and immanent source of beauty and harmony but also able to highlight the
fragility and transience of human presence.

un’ottima lettera - with Isidore & Ulrike Boldrini, Diego Donna, Sara Masotti, Simone Marzocchi & Invisible collaborators Lucia Fraticelli, Arianna Primavera, Matteo Principi, Francesco Tavoloni – Research and Making of special effectStephan Duve - Optical Devices & Magnesium flash Alessandro Panzavolta & Marco Amadori Orthographe – Ectosistema Filippo Tappi – Music Imposta Fabbricazione Spiriti – Image & Typography Quay Brothers – Produced by Inteatro/Meridians in the frame of TransAC project funded with support from theEuropean Commission
un’ottima lettera progetto Matilde [Regione Marche & Amat]

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