Created in 1977 as an International Festival located in Polverigi (Ancona-Italy), nowadays Inteatro works in production, training, promotion of contemporary performing arts, maintaining and raising its international character and its vocation in multidisciplinary arts. Innovation, research, multimedia, valorisation of new talents and emerging artists are the main lines of Inteatro’s permanent activity.

Officially qualified as Dance promotion Institute and innovative Theatre production body by the Italian Cultural Ministry, Inteatro is also recognized by Marche Region as a Professional Training Institution and as Centre for Environmental Education.


Performances, Theatre, Dance, Sounds, Visions. Each Summer, in Polverigi and in the surrounded area.

Next edition will take place from 22nd June to 1st July 2018.


Specific support to artists working with Inteatro, from the research phase to the production and dissemination. Recently Inteatro produced: un’ottima lettera De plaga cordis, Mattia Torre 456, Babelia/Roberta Biagiarelli Il poema dei monti naviganti and Incantadora, OHT | Office for a Human Theatre Delirious New York, Valentina Rosati 3×0 project, Orthographe Controllo Remoto.


Villa Nappi: a venue for research, investigation and creation for emergent artists and companies. In 2011/2012 Inteatro hosted: Glen Çaçi, Beatrice Baruffini, Gustavo Frigerio, Chiara Frigo, Mara Cassiani, Alessandro Sciarroni, Fiora Blasi, OHT | Office for a Human Theatre, Palestinian National Theatre.


Professional training programs dedicated to the world of performing arts. In particular: IFA InteatroFestival Academy, a residential program of research and professional training, a meeting platform addressed to young performers and artists coming from the international scene. The 8th edition will take place from March to June 2014.


Awareness campaign and promotion of topics focusing on environment and sustainability. Performances, Multimedia actions, Workshops, Productions. Recent projects: Camminare l’arte, a collective walk between nature and art, The game of the green goose, il Teatro della Biosphera. www.ocaverde.com | www.ocaverde.com


The most recent special project are NossBalad.com, sit-com made in Jerusalem by Palestinian and Italian professionals of Al Ma’mal LAB in collaboration with Inteatro, funded through a crowdsourcing campaign; La paura sicura, a journey in Italy, discovering the urban fears, directed by Gabriele Vacis (six workshops, a film, a book). www.lapaurasicura.it/blog

All Inteatro projects are fed through cultural and ideas exchanges and sharing of experiences.


Inteatro activities since the beginning have been always feeded by an intense activity of international networking: Inteatro has founded and takes part in some of the most important international networks in contemporary performing arts field (IETM, Roberto Cimetta Found, DBM – Mediterranean Dance Network) and takes part, also, in several cultural projects developed in collaboration with other European institutions.

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