IFA 2014

Cláudia Dias (PT), Iris Karayan (GR), Francesca Lattuada (IT/FR) are the artists invited to lead IFA 2014 workshops, to let the participants gain suggestions and sparks useful for the development of the projects.


Cláudia Dias started her classical dance training at the Academia Almadense. Then, she obtained a scholarship to enrol in the Companhia De Dança de Lisboa. She started her collaboration with RE.AL in 2001. Her second solo, Visita Guiada, has been presented in InteatroFestival 2006. Her work is focused on the storytelling ability of the body and it is characterized by great accuracy and spatial composition. She particularly works on the issues related to the relationship between humans and the natural and urban environment. At the atelier RE.AL., she leads courses of Real Time Composition method with with João Fiadeiro, Tiago Guedes and Márcia Lança.


Iris Karayan studied dance at the Greek State School of Dance and completed an MA in Performance and Culture (Goldsmiths College) in the UK.  She is the founding member and choreographer of ZITA Dance Company (2002).  Her works The Forest (2003), Self portrait (2005-09), Domestic animals (2008), A time to mourn (2009), LEG ACY (2010), CRACK (2010), Mothers (2012) have been shown in Athens, Thessaloniki, Bucharest, London, Poland, Serbia, France (Pau), Italy (Bologna), Switzerland (Zurich).  She currently teaches choreography at the Greek State School of Dance. In 2010 she was awarded with the 1st prize of the Jarmila Jebrakova award in NEW EUROPE FESTIVAL 2010, for her works A time to mourn and LEG ACY.


After graduating in Fine Arts, she attended theater workshops with Luca Ronconi, Tadeusz Kantor and Jerzy Grotowski. In 1985 she moved to France (which became her adopted home), where she dedicated her’s time mainly to contemporary dance, studying with Hans Züllig and Jacques Patarozzi and approaching the eastern spectacular forms such as Teatro Nô, Kabuki, dance and Indian singing. After collaborations with Catherine Diverrès and François Verret, in 1990 she founded the company Festina Lente and created Simplicissimus (1990), Hilarotragoedia (1991 ), Les dieux sont fâchés (1993-94), Zirkus (1996), Le Testament d’Ismaïl Zotos (1997), works in which the various influences come together in a theatrical essential and aesthetical refined language. The consecration comes especially with La tribù IOta, show created in 2000 for sixteen young students graduated from the National Centre of Circus Arts of Chalôns-en-Champagne. Among recent works we can remember Ostinato, solo with the dancer Rita Quaglia, and Allegro macabro, parte di un dittico co-firmato con il coreografo giapponese Saburo Teshigawara., part of a diptych co-signed with the Japanese choreographer Saburo Teshigawara.

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