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21 and 22 June 2018

Sala Sommier, Polverigi


Greta Francolini is one of the artist of the historical programme ISA – Inteatro Summer Academy, focused on artistic training and creative residency. Her work Ritornello, was also selected for the Italian network DNAppunti coreografici 2017. 

Greta Francolini is interested in fashion as a field of research and innovation and as a use of the body for exhibition and demonstration purposes.

She was with Annamaria Ajmone at the “Biennale College” of Venice and selected for the European project “NOW New Open Working Process for the Performing Arts” and the Italian Network Anticorpi XL. Greta Francolini attended training with both Virgilio Sieni and Cristina Rizzo.

Ritornello (Refrain) is based on the first track of “The Disintegration Loops”, opus by the composer William Basinski, wich becomes the backbones of the coreography.

After recording a few loops on magnetic tape, Basinski tried to convert everything into digital format. Listening to them, he realised that the tapes were demaged by time: the result was a weird effect on the sound, like the track was disintegrating. Hence the title “The Disintegration Loops”.

The track is basically a champion sound repeated ad infinitum. That’s why the piece worked on repetition as a state of mind pushed beyond the limits: a refrain. Refrain is something that recur, like a déjà-vu: music comes across as a faith, and the body is completely dedicated to it. Music is not a sound or a background, but always a container, a bordering line of a feeling, of an emotion, an emotional place from which the movement naturally flows.

The real superficiality of this dance, which would be disconcerning on its own, is justified by other authoritative means wich actually highlights its ephemeral essence.

di e con Greta Francolini / Cab 008

con il sostegno del Ministero dei Beni, Attività Culturali e Turismo, della Regione Toscana, di CapoTrave / Kilowatt e Marche Teatro / Villa Nappi Residenze

Progetto finalista per DNAppunti coreografici 2017

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