1th June h 22 | Polverigi Cinema Italia

directed by and dramaturgy Gianmaria Borzillo
with Elena Giannotti, Matteo Ramponi
light Valeria Foti
costumes Ettore Lombardi
sound design Raffaele Lombardo
assistance Francesco Cocco
curated and promotion Giulia Traversi
with the support of Mattatoio (Roma, ITA) and Atelier delle arti danza (Livorno, ITA)

Under the influence is the attempt to rebuild after a collapse.
Reconstructing a moment of splendor, the distant peak that represents the awakening for the sleeping characters, in conflict with the void that inhabits them. The space around is the projection of an interior landscape, and the ordinary rhythm of the action is the expression of something invisible, an unknown state.
The subjects on stage are not free, they have not chosen the place in which to be born nor their names, they move inside a given space where they try to restore a phisical and emotive relationship.
What is missing? How to find a space of freedom?
Questions coming from the hunger to express an interiority that has no exit channels, destroying everything.

Gianmaria Borzillo dancer and performer, he graduated from the Paolo Grassi Drama Academy in Milan and subsequently studied with the main Italian and international directors and choreographers.
In 2018 he worked with the Israeli choreographer Dana Yahalomi and the collective Public Moviment., Currently among the performers of Augusto and Save the last dance for me, two creations by Alessandro Sciarroni produced by Marche Teatro and NANAMINAGURA, the latest work by Antonio Ianniello. choreographer and interpreter of the Rapture performance.
Under the influence is his first original artwork as a director, winner of the Special Mention of the call for directors under 30 at the Venice Biennale and Special Mention by the jury of the Leo de Berardinis – Teatro di Napoli prize.