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21, 22, 23 and 24 June 2018

Teatro del Parco, Polverigi

GARY STEVENS (London) - UNO DI NOI (One of us)

Gary Stevens is an artist who creates performances and video installations, working with a wide range of visual artists and performers from diverse backgrounds. His solo & ensemble works have been presented internationally in gallery, theatre, festival and public spaces.

One of the most original artist on the British scene, he was also play writer and artistic consultant for Teletubbies, a “television case” since 1998.

He actually teaches at Slade School of Fine Art and at UCL in London.

In Uno di noi (One of us), the performers emerge from the audience, coaxing one another onto the stage. They do everything together but are asked to isolate one performer to stand alone.

They are strange actors who want to play the same parts at the same time, together. The group will ostracise any individual who behaves differently. They attempt to control and police each other, but they are also compelled to copy one another. Performers begin to replace each other as they construct a common identity. This interchange gradually fleshes out a life story that emerges from a combination of the performers’ actual memories. The group assimilates each personal story as they

listen and repeat it back as their own. Any elaboration is accepted within the group until one performer is challenged on a detail and excluded. The performance is playful, yet there is poignancy in a story that is

cut short by a hand on the shoulder.

creation Gary Stevens

production Artsadmin supported by Marche Teatro / Inteatro Festival

project selected within Marche Teatro / Inteatro Festival Call

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