Rosa Casado & Mike Brookes

4 July – h 9 p.m. / Chiesa S. Nicolò – Jesi
The perfect human being (L’essere umano perfetto)

L'essere umano perfetto

‘The perfect human being’ is a large-scale artistic examination of human behaviour. For its initial  
dramaturgical structure the project draws on the script of the 1967 film ‘The perfect human’ by Jørgen  Leth.  Through its structure the project records and accumulates personal responses to questions about our every  day actions. The intention is to engage the largest possible number of participants, from diverse social  contexts, in an on-going exploration of our current notions and assumptions about what it might mean to  be ‘human’, and about what it might mean to be ‘perfect’.

un progetto di: Rosa Casado e Mike Brookes – EVENTO SOCIALE con la partecipazione di: Andrea Massani, Annalisa Cardinali, Carlotta Scioldo, Cristiana Casoni, Cristiana Simonetti, Elisabetta Canonico, Emilia Agostini, Filippo Paolasini, Gianfranco Taglialatela, Laura Vico, Rafael Duarte Uriza, Sara Latini, Silena Sernani, Silvia Monica Beltrani – produzione: InteatroPROD 09

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