2011 – What story is this?

After the unforeseen suspension of the 34th edition of the InteatroFestival, originally scheduled in polverigi from June 29th to July 2nd, Inteatro organizes in Polverigi CHE STORIA E’ QUESTA? (WHAT STORY IS THIS?): a series of events running from June 11th to July 2nd, which aims to discuss about Festivals, Art work, Contemporary creation, Innovation, Research, Cultural and social sustainability.

On25th May, 4 weeks before the opening of the festival, the Board announced that the Inteatro Festival had to be postponed, and perhaps cancelled, as it had run into financial difficulties.

We have received an overwhelming amount of support and shared outrage in response to the news ranging from international practitioners who were due to partake this year as well as past participants, local as well as international audiences who visit the festival every year have also shown their support. The response has led to our decision to organise a series of events which is open to all and which will discuss the  difficulties  Inteatro and the artworld are now facing.

The program of events and discussions in CHE STORIA E’ QUESTA? intends to bring to light, in an honest, unbiased and ‘open to all’ environment, a clear understanding of the economic and political difficulties faced by many cultural organizations that operate in the field of contemporary art and creativity.

Primarily CHE STORIA E’ QUESTA? is about creating awareness and support from everyone and anyone who Inteatro has positively affected.

In more detail, CHE STORIA E’ QUESTA? event includes alternative workshops, public meetings and personal stories of artists, professionals and spectators. After all, we each have a story to tell but … What story is this? (Che storia è questa?)

The program includes three seminars / workshops:

Saturday, June 11th  at 18:00

The meeting will be dedicated to: “The reasons for Contemporary Art: Why is it important? Who and how does it benefit us?”

At 21.00 there will be a public lesson by the Portuguese choreographer Claudia Dias, here in Polverigi for the research program IFA 2011.

Saturday, June 25th at 18:00

The topic of discussion will be: “Innovation? Search? The meaning of “new”"

At 21.00, at the park of Villa Nappi, there will be an open rehearsal of the project Images of Villages by the company Scuba Club  (Bruxelles-Budapest).

Saturday, July 2 at 18:00

The third and final meeting will be entitled: “Are we sustainable? New models of sustainable culture”.

At 21.00, at the park of Villa Nappi, the Ecole du Theatre des Teintureries (Lausanne) presents “Blood Wedding”, performance on the text by Garcia Lorca, directed by Gustavo Frigerio.

Furthermore, every day from 17.00 – 20.00, situated in the historic head office of Inteatro, Villa Nappi, a room-turned- ‘discussion factory’ will be lined to leave your own comments, drawings, photographs, films which in response to the discussion and related to the main questions you have talked about.

Inteatro will display the work on the Inteatro website and during the event.

We want to thank IETM, International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts, the network of arts organizations, founded in 1981 just Polverigi, which has about 500 members between institutions, festivals, theaters of all countries around the world for their collaboration and for the inspiration we took from the last meeting in Stockholm “Whose story is it?”. The economic and social systems of many countries, in fact, are shaken by events that inevitably have an impact on cultural policy; in Europe, institutions, organizations, artists and professionals are experiencing increasing difficulty: from this comes the need to appeal to our collective intelligence, to explore the current meaning of contemporary performing arts in our society.

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