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21st June 2018

Cinema Italia, Polverigi


Benjamin Verdonck is an actor, author, visual artist and theatre maker. He performs both on conventional theatre stages and in the public space.

After graduating from the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp with a degree in acting, Benjamin Verdonck begins developing a very personal body of work that brings together different forms of performing arts.Theatre of text, dance, musical theatre, theatre of objects, performances in theatre venues or outside, artistic installations, etc.

This in turns allows his outlook on the world to be at once gentle and forceful, often critical but always deeply human.

He goes from stage to stage, from the smallest spaces to the largest, presenting shows in which politics play a large part, but always preferring questions to indoctrination. His “weapons:” poetry and humour. 

Song for Gigi, is his newest work in this genre. Benjamin Verdonck is the sceneshifter who sets the images in motion, only to become lost within them.

A bunch of magic boxes, stars, music, a house, shadows, doors that open and close again; a children’s song, accompanied live on stage by two musicians Bram Devens (Ignatz/en de stervende honden) and Tomas De Smet (Think of One, Zita Swoon, King Dalton).

by and with Benjamin Verdonck

Music Bram Devens, Tomas De Smet

Dramaturgy Marnix Rummens, Sven Roofthooft

Set Aidan Radier, Benjamin Verdonck

Costums Filip Eyckmans

Light Design Lucas Van Haesbroeck


With the support of Casa Kafka Pictures – Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter Empowered by Belfius

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