For several years Inteatro has been testing the application of new languages and artistic formats to issues related to Environment,organizing workshops, performances, performing and multimedia actions. All these activities are collected under the acronym Inteatro CEA (Creatività_Educazione_Ambiente, in english Creativity_Education_Environment).

CEA means also Centro di Educazione Ambientale (Environmental Education Center) that is the recognition given to by Marche Region, in 2001, for the environmental awareness programs through a creative approach.

The Inteatro headquarter is Villa Nappi, an historical mansion surrounded by an old park with rare and beautiful threes, in the frame of wonderful Marche Region’s hills: the suitable natural context to promote an ecological culture.

All the activities promoted by Inteatro CEA aim to link creative thinking and science: artists and communication responsible work with scientific researchers and university teachers.

All Inteatro’s activities and events, in particular the International Inteatro Festival, aim to reduce the environmental impact, choosing suitable actions for consumes reduction, recycling, respecting the environment.

The activities promoted by Inteatro CEA are addressed to young people, teachers, associations, and, in general, to those interested in the development of environmental awareness through research and artistic expression.

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